Ensemble Wiener Facetten

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To gain an idea of the type of programme we offer, some examples are presented under "download". The exact programme of works to be performed is usually decided by the ensemble shortly before the beginning of each concert . The programme, based on current artistic and conceptual ideas, is then explained to the audience by the ensemble members during the course of the concert/performance.

There are basically two focal points to the repertoire:

Works of the Strauss-Dynasty: "Chain Bridge Waltz", " Bajaderen-Waltz", " Viennese Temperament-Waltz"; Polkas ("Galloping", " From the Exchange", " Light Blood" etc.); Joseph Lanner ("St. Mary-Waltz", "Die Mozartisten", "Cerrito–Polka" etc.; the Schrammel-brothers: "Wiener Heurigentänze", "Weana Gmüat", etc.; J. Haydn: "Zingarese"...

Old and new Viennese songs
"Mein Stiefelknecht", "Der narrische Kastanienbaum", songs from Arik Brauer ("Pfiat di Gott", "Gebor ́n für die Gruabn" ...), Gerhard Bronner ("Der Hydrant", "Die Ratzen von Wien" ...), Georg Danzer ("Gejammer" ...); Roland Neuwirth/K.Dobrek (Wer wo a Nest hat); ...

Works such as the string quartets of Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn among others may also be heard at a Wiener Facetten concert, as well as other works of the classical chamber music literature such as Schubert´s German Dances, or Cypress Trees and Two Waltzes from Dvorak.